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"Jimmy the Janitor swept the room with laughter"
- Fiona Diamond, Halifax Comedy Festival

Welcome to Jimmy's Store. To order Jimmy the Janitor CD's, simply select the CD you wish to purchase, click on "PayPal Add to Cart" and it will take you to the checkout. You can click on "Continue Shopping" to add other CD's. Once you're finished adding to the cart, you can either click on PayPal checkout, or non PayPal members can click on regular checkout and pay by credit card.  


Volume 1
Vol 1
A Letter From Ma B'y
Volume 2
Vol 2
Hows' She Goin' B'y
Volume 3
Vol 3
Just Jokin' B'y
Volume 4
Vol 4
Unplugged B'y
Volume 5
Vol 5
Another Letter From Ma B'y
Volume 6
Vol 6
Funny Stuff B'y
Volume 7
Vol 7
Sweepin' The
Nation B'y
Volume 8
Vol 8
Keepin' It Clean B'y
Volume 9
Vol 9
Jest For Fun B'y
Volume 10
Vol 10
A Stand-Up Guy B'y
Volume 11
Vol 11
5 Alarm Funny B'y


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